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Parking Ukraine 2018

Int. Parking Ukraine 2018 EXPO took place within 11-12 October 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mentioned EXPO was devoted to the equipment, technologies and solutions for the arrangement of parking space within urban transport infrastructure.

In 2018 season event was attended by approx. 200 participants from 43 cities of Ukraine and 8 countries (Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia).

Official Partner: Association of Ukrainian Cities

Business agenda was subdivided into 2 parts: «Reform of Parking Services Market in Ukraine» and « Systems, Equipment and Technical Solutions ».

The reports on the announced topics were presented by the following organizations:

  • Ministry of Regional Development of Ukraine
  • Association of Ukrainian Cities
  • PrivatBank
  • Svitlotech
  • Kärcher
  • KLB Kötztal Lacke + Beschichtungen GmbH

High attention was attracted to round-table discussion «Parking in the City».

Questions under discussion:

  • Municipal development plans for parking spaces
  • Mechanisms to raise funds and attract investments to parking business in the cities
  • Parking payment and fines for rules breaking
  • Interconnection of private operators and municipal parking enterprises
  • Parking inspection service: functionality and work standards, interconnection with Patrol Police

Our sincere thanks to all representatives of city and regional state administrations, municipal enterprises and private parking operators from the following cities:

Bila Tserkva \ Boguslav \ Boryspil \ Cherkassy \ Chernigov \ Chuguev \ Dnipro \ Dolyna \ Energodar \ Fastov \ Glukhov \ Ivano-Frankivsk \ Kakhovka \ Kiev \ Kamyanets-Podilsky \ Kazyatin \ Kharkiv \ Khmelnitsky \ Khust \ Kolomyya \ Krasnograd \ Kropyvnytskyi \ Kryvyi Rih \ Liman \ Lubny \ Lutsk \ Lviv \ Mariupol \ Nova Kakhovka \ Novovolynsk \ ovoyavorivsk \ Obukhiv \ Odessa \ Olevsk \ Pokrovsk \ Sumy \ Svatovo \ Ternopil \ Uzhgorod \ Vinnytsia \ Vyshneve \ Zaporizhya \ Zhytomyr.

We express gratitude to all exhibitors, official & media partners and visitors for their interest towards new initiative.

II Int. Parking Ukraine 2019 EXPO will be held 3-4 October 2019 in Kiev, Ukraine at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Exhibition News

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USCC Associtation (Ukrainian Steel Construction Centre) will II Parking Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Vyacheslav Kolisnyuk, Executive Director

Andriy Ryumarenko, Marketing Manager

Nadiya Koval, PR-manager

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Irina Kravchenko, Manager, Mykolaiv Regional Bus Stations Enterprise

Olexander Pohanyuk, Managing Director, Mykolaiv Regional Bus Stations Enterprise

Eugene Klochenko, Pre-Production Engineer, Rubicon Monolit

Eugene Savchuk, Deputy Director - Surface Facilities Operations and Capital Construction, Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport (Skorzonera)

Igor Babyunyuk, Deputy Director - Aviation Safety, Ivano-Frankivsk International Airport (Skorzonera)

Anastasia Ostapenko, Analyst, EY

Dmytro Bushmakin, Chief Marketing Officer, Budhouse Group

Sergey Boholiy, Chief Power Engineer, Avrora

Anatoliy Lukyanyuk, Senior Engineer, Remmebli / Port City Lutsk

Igor Chernyak, Senior Dispatcher, Remmebli / Port City Lutsk

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Anton Borodin, Head of Sales Departments, Articard Security

Eugene Derkach, Director, Energo Engineering

Vladyslav Kolodyazhniy, CEO, GT GROUP

Dmitriy Ignatenko, Sales Manager, STA Electronics

Ruslan Darienko, Director, Slims

Svitlana Pidhayna, Director, Avers

Oleg Panyukhno, Deputy Director, Avers

Vadim Travkin, Director, Vatra Kyiv

Maxim Mazur, Deputy Head, Project & Inspection Department, Vinnytsiabud

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Astron Buildings (Poland) company will attend II Parking Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Dariusz Ziomek, Sales Director - CEE

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Kyiv Mall Management (Ocean Plaza Mall) company will attend II Parking Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Olexander Honchar, Head of Operations Department

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Epicenter K company will attend II Parking Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Vitaliy Trokhyumchuck, Head of Operations Department

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Stroyengineering company will attend II Parking Ukraine 2019 Int. Exhibition:

Volodymyr Kuryulo, Director